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Skyblocks open beta!
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IGN: Americaantje
6 months ago

Skyblocks open beta!
Heja! The moment a lot of people were waiting for has arrived!
We'll open our Skyblock-server within 1 hour (14:00 CET). 

Keep in mind that we run our Skyblock-server as an open beta project at the moment.
This means that:
- We can't guarantee you that there won't be server lag. We're currently searching for the best servers for Skyblock. Feel free to report lag to our staff members.
- We don't have missions yet.
- We don't have upgrades yet.
- We are monitoring the server day in and day out to check if everything is okay. During the upcoming months, we'll update the Skyblock server as well as we can to create an even better game experience. 

We DO have:
- Skyblock teams.
- Island ratings.
- Island fly (Pixel+)
- 3 Different islands (Pixel & Pixel+). 
- Teamchat.
- Island visits.

You can read about all the commands and how to start your island already on our wiki page!

There is no reason to suggest the ability to have missions or upgrades since we are working on those already.
Feel free to suggest other ideas on our website! 
Feel free to report bugs on our website as well!

Have fun on our Skyblock server and watch out that you don't fall into the void! 😀

Mart (Americaantje)
PixelVille Owner