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PixelVille Hub update
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IGN: Americaantje
2 months ago

As you may have noticed, some small major things have changed in our hub.

We would like to explain these changes to you.

First of all, our hub is equipped with double jump and launchpad to get to the villagers as quickly as possible, so that you can quickly join your favourite gamemode. 

Also, from today on, you will see 4 items in your toolbar. Among them are the server selector (nether star) and the server information (book).

Something that can also be found in your toolbar as of today is a ladder. This represents the parkour function in the hub. Choose your favourite level (easy/medium/hard) and start jumping! For every 15 jumps you get 1 pixelcoin. For 100 jumps you will get 25 pixelcoins and if you break the record, you will get 100 pixelcoins! But if you want to go for the absolute top, you can go for 1000 jumps. This will earn you 250 pixelcoins.

Also new is the possibility to get cosmetic stuff like gadgets, hats, banners, emotes and particles. Even pets have their place in our hub! All these items can be found via the ender chest in your toolbar. 

When you open this ender chest you will also see that from today on you can select various tags to use in the hub. The higher your role, the more tags become available. Pixel has 4 extra tags and Pixel+ has 7 extra tags.

Now I hear you thinking, how on earth do I get this stuff? Well, simple! You can open mystery boxes through the Mystery Vault. This can also be found in the hub. Member can open boxes of 1, 2 and 3 stars. Pixel gets the boxes of 4 stars and Pixel+ 5 stars. 

But, then the next question is: how do I get these boxes? Simple! You can get these boxes in various ways. The easiest way is to buy them with PixelCoins. This can also be found via the enderchest in your toolbar. Another option is to win them in a giveaway. 

Or finally, make sure you log in every day and get your rewards! Starting today, you can also open a new reward every day in the form of PixelCoins and mystery boxes. You can find these rewards at the PixelReward Villager next to the gamemode-villagers. 

Today only, you will receive a free mystery box in addition to coins with your first reward, so be quick!

To sum up;
Newly added:
- Cosmetics.
- Rewards.
- Parkour.
- Updated Toolbar.
- Tags.
- Mysterybox + in-game mysterybox shop.
- Double jump & launchpads.

Applied when purchasing the Pixel Rank:
- Astronaut miniature.
- 4 Tags.
- 4 Mysteryboxes (1× 1, 1× 2, 1× 3 & 1× 4 stars).
- The ability to select your own block during parkour.

Applied upon purchase of the Pixel+ Rank:
- Astronaut miniature.
- Gold fountain gadget.
- 4 + 7 Tags.
- 5 Mystery Boxes (1× 1, 1× 2, 1× 3, 1× 4 & 1× 5 stars).
- The ability to select your own block during parkour.

Applied to a voluntary donation from €1.00.
- Piggy bank gadget. 

Applied to the media rank:
- Matching tags as an addition to your rank. 

Future updates:
- Possibility of extra rewards at Pixel & Pixel+.

Also, as of today everyone has access to the Stand with Ukraine hat.

Mart (Americaantje)
PixelVille Owner