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Disabled TNT in survival.
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IGN: Americaantje
about 1 month ago

As some people have already noticed, the possibility of exploding TNT in the survival server has been switched off for several days. We have done this to prevent trolls and persistent griefing. 

We want to keep our world intact as much as possible so that old houses can be broken down and reused, or even so that new players can build a whole new life in them. This is not possible if every unclaimed house is blown up into craters.

Of course, we understand that this brings restrictions such as removing trees and the possible use of TNT during mining. Therefore, we will be looking at possible replacement options in the future. Of course, you can also contribute by submitting a suggestion via our website https://www.pixelville.net/suggestions

Thank you for your understanding!

Last edited: about 1 month ago
Mart (Americaantje)
PixelVille Owner