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Updates 20-04-2022
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IGN: Americaantje
about 1 month ago

As things have changed in the past period, we would like to give you a small update! 

To start with, an update on our team.

A few days ago, Cathy announced that she was leaving our team due to some circumstances. 

We would like to thank Cathy for her commitment to our team. Thanks to her, we currently have a beautiful hub, survival spawn and Skyblock lobby. Of course, we are also grateful for all the positive input she brought to our management team. Because Cathy has been one of the most important persons in building up the server, we will keep her as an honorary member. How we will shape this will become clear in the coming period.


The results of the parkour event are known! You can find the results in the Events Channel (Discord). You may not be able to access this channel due to a small error on our side when resetting our bot. You can get access again by clicking on the medal emoji in #roles.


In the coming periods, we will look at how we can best shape various vacancies. We will come back to this later.

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Mart (Americaantje)
PixelVille Owner