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As things have changed in the past period, we would like to give you a small update! 

To start with, an update on our team.

A few days ago, Cathy announced that she was leaving our team due to some circumstances. 

We would like to thank Cathy for her commitment to our team. Thanks to her, we currently have a beautiful hub, survival spawn and Skyblock lobby. Of course, we are also grateful for all the positive input she brought to our management team. Because Cathy has been one of the most important persons in building up the server, we will keep her as an honorary member. How we will shape this will become clear in the coming period.


The results of the parkour event are known! You can find the results in the Events Channel (Discord). You may not be able to access this channel due to a small error on our side when resetting our bot. You can get access again by clicking on the medal emoji in #roles.


In the coming periods, we will look at how we can best shape various vacancies. We will come back to this later.

Updates 20-04-2022 about 1 month ago

Missing: 17 Easter eggs.

The Easter Bunny has hidden 17 eggs in our lobby! Can you help the Easter Bunny find all 17 eggs? For every egg found, the Easter Bunny will reward you with 10 PixelCoins! Have you found them all? Then you will receive a 5-star Mystery Box that can be opened by all scrolls (including you) and a rabbit head!

Can you help the Easter Bunny find his egg?
Good luck and happy Easter to all of us!

Missing: 17 Easter eggs. about 1 month ago

As some of you may have already noticed, there have been some updates here and there this week. Because of this, we have been offline or under maintenance for a while. Hereby we would like to give you a list of the updates and fixes.

- Fixed a bug where the Mystery Box content was not assigned to the player's account (hub).
- Fixed a bug where the spawn was no longer near your last used bed (survival).
- Fixed a bug where the Mystery Box could not be opened by the selected animation (hub).
- Fixed a bug where Builder could not use creative mode in the builder server.
- Daily Rewards did not always give the reward within 24 hours, causing the streak to be lost. This has now been fixed.

- The scoreboard has been removed on every server and replaced with an action bar in the survival. Every 30 seconds you will now see a different statistic such as your bank balance, your balance in your pocket, your online play time and your number of killed mobs (survival). 
- Due to the removal of the scoreboard, we have now added a hover in the chat. Hover over someone's name to see their stats.
- The alerts and info have been adjusted so that more and better information can be provided to the players in the chat.

- A teleport possibility has been added. Below is a small summary of what is now possible:
× You can use /warp to teleport to the spawn or shops.
× You can now use /tpr to teleport to a random location in the map.
× You can now teleport to your fellow players or teleport fellow players to you (Pixel+ and up).

- Voting has been re-enabled and works again. The following rewards are given out when voting:
× Per vote, you get 20 PixelCoins.
× If you voted on all sites, you get 1 1-star Mystery Box.
× Make sure that you are really online on the server when you vote.

- We have also added kits as of today. These can be claimed once a month. This is the content of the kits:
× Starter (member) = wood tools + 16 bread.
× Pixel (pixel) = tools made of stone + 32 bread.
× Pixel+ (Pixel+ and up) = tools from iron + 48 bread.

- Several tools for staff have been added. 
- We say goodbye to FNTC as a partner/community. This is because PixelVille itself is going through life as a community. We thank FunaticGamer for the nice cooperation in the past year and hope to see him back often on PixelVille as a player or streamer!

Of course, it can always happen that something went wrong while installing our new updates. If something is wrong, it is always possible to create a ticket on the website about the bug you found.

Have a nice weekend!


Changelog 08-04-2022 (big updates!) about 1 month ago

From today on it is again possible to use TNT in the survival server. However, this is accompanied by the addition of several rules. These rules can now be found in the wiki (rules -> grief). 

The biggest change is that we now have specific rules about using TNT and lava in the server.

The biggest reason players were against disabling TNT was because it made it harder for them to mine or get netherite. 
Therefore we have decided to reactivate TNT.


For any other questions on this topic, please visit our Discord server or simply create a ticket.

Have fun on the survival server! :D

Update on disabling TNT about 1 month ago

As some people have already noticed, the possibility of exploding TNT in the survival server has been switched off for several days. We have done this to prevent trolls and persistent griefing. 

We want to keep our world intact as much as possible so that old houses can be broken down and reused, or even so that new players can build a whole new life in them. This is not possible if every unclaimed house is blown up into craters.

Of course, we understand that this brings restrictions such as removing trees and the possible use of TNT during mining. Therefore, we will be looking at possible replacement options in the future. Of course, you can also contribute by submitting a suggestion via our website https://www.pixelville.net/suggestions

Thank you for your understanding!

Disabled TNT in survival. about 1 month ago