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Because our survival server works with claims, it is not possible to grief in some areas. Outside these areas it is possible. In order to prevent disputes from arising, a few rules have been drawn up. These are described in this wiki page.

Some examples of what is allowed:
- It is allowed to reuse buildings/structures when the claim has expired. 
- It is permitted to remove blocks from an existing (unclaimed) building/structure as long as the ground remains intact for possible reuse.
- It is permitted to claim an unclaimed building/structure for your own use.

To prevent damage to the map, there are some rules about using TNT. This way we keep the map playable for all players.

TNT may be used for:
- Making mines.
- Obtaining Netherite.
- Other farms that TNT can be used for.
- Faster tree taking (Pixel/Pixel+ can use our timber plugin).

TNT may not be used for:
- Destroying unclaimed buildings/structures.
- Making TNT cannons. 
- Making unnecessary damage to the survival map.
- Making traps.
- Trolling. 

! The same applies to deliberately exploding creepers.

The same applies to lava and water.

Lava/water may be used for:
- Making farms such as cobblestone farms. 
- Catching yourself in a higher fall.
- Making obsidian.

Lava/water may not be used for:
- Making traps.
- Flooding of buildings.
- Making unnecessary damage to the survival map.
- Trolling.

Use your common sense and avoid spoiling other people's fun. 
Did you slip up using lava or TNT? Then fill up the whole hole or remove all the lava.
Craters with only the top layer filled are considered potential traps.
The same applies to deliberately exploding creepers. Fill up the whole hole.
Rules for stealing.
The rule regarding stealing is very simple; is it not claimed? Then you can take it.

Also, taking death drops does not count as stealing. It is, however, proper to return these items. Reports about this will be rejected.
Was stolen within your own claim? This is your own responsibility. All reports of this will also be rejected
Follow the instructions of staff at all times. It is possible that a rule is missing from this list and that it will be applied afterwards.